Church and Small Group Discount Registrations

If you would like to view/attend the conference as a group, you can do so at a significant discount by using this registration option.

The cost is $105 plus $5 a person.  Here’s how it works:

You submit your payment of $105 below, fill out the registration form you are redirected to, and then, when the conference draws closer, you will receive login information at the email address you provide in the registration form.  When the conference comes, you simply load the conference on your computer and connect it to a projector.  Collect $5 for each person in attendance.  After the conference is complete, mail a check to Athanatos Ministries in the amount collected.

You can eliminate a step by ‘pre-paying’ for the people you expect to attend.  Note, however, if you pay for more people than eventually view and participate in the conference, no refunds are possible. Please anticipate and plan accordingly.

There is no limit on how many people may attend in this fashion.

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