Discounted Student Registration

Students currently enrolled in an educational institution at least half time (eg, 9 credit hours) can receive a $10 discount, making their registration fee $25.  This discount is available to high school students, as well.  Note:  a group discount could yield a registration fee even lower than the student discount, so only use this discount if you have no intention of registering with other people.

(If you submitted the form below but still need to pay, use this page here to do so.)

After you complete the form below you will be forwarded to a page with payment options.

Student Register for 2010 Conference
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  4. Note: Please note that you do at least give us permission to send updates pertinent to this year's conference such as reminders about when it begins and technical issues that you may need in order to attend the conference. The mailing list is a separate list for expanded updates that will persist after the contest.
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  7. After you have submitted this form you will be re-directed to a page to make your payment. You do not need to actually have Paypal to pay using Paypal! Please be patient if also you have uploaded a story. You will be re-directed shortly.

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